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Board Members 2008-2009

    Stuart Bachman – Director of Direct Services, Center for Family Resources

    Andie Bobb – Director of Volunteer Services, The Salvation Army

    William Bryant – Finance Director, Atlanta Area Boy Scouts of America

  Fabiola Charles – Manager of Organizational Initiatives, Hands On Network

 Emmalee Iden – Foundation & Grants Manager, The Atlanta Opera

 Charlotte Janis – Employment Specialist, Briggs & Associates

  Harriet Kuhr – Manager of Resettlement Services, The International Rescue Committee

 Shana Lightfoot – Community Affairs Specialist, Grady Health Systems

 Paul Towne – Director of Corporate Partnerships, Points of Light Institute & Hands On Network

  Shay Bracey – Auditor, Georgia Department of Education

 Alissa Cook – Director of Client Development, TechBridge

  Cicely Garrett – Prosperity Campaign Coordinator, Atlanta Community Food Bank

  Asia Hadley – Training Coordinator, Foundation Center-Atlanta

  Heather Infantry – Development Director, Training and Counseling Center at St. Luke’s

  Melinda Nord – Senior Director of Development, Piedmont Park Conservancy

  Keisha Tennyson – Project Manager-Client Development, Alexander Haas Martin & Partners, Inc.

   Telesa Walton – Manager of Volunteer Services, United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta



Chair                                                                                    Harriet Kuhr

Vice Chair                                                                            Stuart Bachman

Committee Chair, Marketing                                         William Bryant

Committee Chair, Career Growth                                 Shana Lightfoot

Committee Chair, Social Networking                          Alissa Cook

Past Chair                                                                            Andie Bobb